Finland-based Varjo's VR-1 is a high-end VR headset that uses the company's Foveated Display technology - that optically combines a microdisplay over a larger display - to achieve high angular resolution in a small area in the center of the display.

Varjo VR-1 photo

The VR-1 uses two OLED displays - a Sony 0.7" ECX335AF-7 1920x1080 OLED microdisplay and a 1440x1600 low persistence AMOLED. They call the combined display a "Bionic Display". Other features include eye tracking and support for several 3D engines, including Unreal, Unity and VRED.

The VR-1 is now available to buy for €5,999.

OLED type: 

FHD OLED Microdisplay and a 1440x1600 VR AMOLED