In April 2017 Chinese display maker TianMa announced that it commenced production at its 6-Gen LTPS AMOLED fab in Wuhan. The fab produces both rigid and flexible OLEDs, and last month Tianma demonstrated several of its latest flexible and foldable panels.

Today ETNews posts that TianMa is thinking of selling its OLED business, to Chinese display maker CEC-Panda. According to ETNews, TianMa did manage to produce 1.3 million rigid OLEDs in 2017, however Tianma's OLED losses are higher than expected, and its LCD business is also suffering due to declining LCD prices.

TianMa's OLED ramp-up is slower than planned (this was already reported in February). The rigid part of the fab did not yet achieve full production capacity, and the flexible part is being delayed too - indeed the equipment has not been ordered yet.

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