At the OLED Korea conference, both Merck and Sumitomo detailed their latest OLED inkjet material performance.

Sumitomo 2019-2021 PLED material performance and forecasts (March 2019)

Sumitomo is advancing with its R&D efforts, and the company says that its PLED materials will be adopted in mass production systems by 2020 (although JOLED already uses PLEDs in its displays).

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Very confusing now the

Very confusing now the different companies seem to be using different conditions which makes it very hard to compare. Sumitomo Chemical are still using spin-coated devices and reporting from 1000 cd/m2, Merck are using results from printing in air and reporting from 100 cd/m2 and DuPont seem to report from printed devices but report lifetimes from an unknown brightness meant to give 200 cd/m2 front of screen white brightness (pretty meaningless to most people and probably irrelevant in the age of HDR).

That being said, the Sumitomo T95 values for green and blue look fantastic (even if the efficiencies are lower than the headline figures).

typo - Merck also reporting

typo - Merck also reporting from 1000 cd/m2

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