Samsung Electronics reported a record-breaking quarter, with revenues reaching 61 trillion Won ($54 billion USD) and an operating profit of 14 trillion Won (about $12.6 billion USD). The company's enjoyed a very strong chip and component business, which offset a slight decline in mobile devices revenues.

Samsung Galaxy S8 photo

Samsung Display posted an operating profit of 1.7 trillion Won ($1.5 billion) from revenues of 7.7 trillion Won ($6.8 billion). SDC's OLED business is strong and the company forecasts increased sales of flexible AMOLED displays as more smartphone makers are adopting flexible OLEDs.

SDC did however cut its OLED revenues forecast for Q3 as its rigid OLED panels are seeing price pressure as LCD makers are cutting prices to compete with OLEDs. Another explanation would be the delay in revenues from Apple as Samsung cannot produce as many flexible OLEDs as expected. There are also reports of under-utilization at Samsung's plant (maybe, again, because of the low shipments to Apple which reserved the capacity). Things are expected to return to normal in the first half of 2018, though.

While Samsung says Galaxy S8 sales were great (cumulative sales were 15% higher compared to the GS7), but analysts warn of falling demand in Europe and the US.