The IceTouch is the world's first product with a Transparent OLED display. This media player includes 8/16GB of memory, has a strong CPU and Samsung's TouchWiz Sweep interface. It has 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology and it continually analyzes and adjusts audio levels to reflect the producer’s intended sound. Here's a nice video of the player.

Samsung IceTouchSamsung IceTouch

The AMOLED screen casing is constructed using a dual-injection molding process and tempered glass and results in a smooth, durable and scratch-proof surface. The player is white, but can be customized using separately sold color skins.

It'll be available in the first half of 2010, and will cost around $330.

OLED type: 
2" full-color transparent OLED


Looks so cool! Want to have

Looks so cool! Want to have it if the price is not too expensive. :) I also found other photos of IceTouch displayed at CES 2010 and they looked so pretty. Go there and take a look if you guys want to see it too. Just wondering, is there any more info about when it will be released at market?