Article last updated on: Aug 11, 2019

OLED displays provide better image quality, a low response time, low power consumption and a thinner design. OLEDs however found it difficult to enter the monitor market due mostly to burn-in challenges and high production costs.

Some device makers however are introducing OLED monitors, mostly premium monitors for the health and broadcasting industries. It is hoped that in the future OLED monitors will also appear for the consumer market. For more information and OLED monitor news coverage, click here.

Following is a list of OLED monitors on the market:


EIZO's NOVA is a high-end monitor that features a 21.6" 4K AMOLED display (produced by JOLED in an inkjet printing process). The display offers HDR support. EIZO calls this OLED monitor an entertainment monitor saying it is especially suitable for gaming and video watching.

EIZO Nova photo

EIZO will start offering the NOVA monitor on November 1st 2019 in Japan, and will launch it globally later.

Alienware 55

Dell's Alienware 55 is the company's flagship gaming monitor, that features a 55-inch 4K (3840x2160) LGD WRGB AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 400 nits and a 0.5 ms gray to gray response time.

Alienware 55 photo

The Alienware 55 supports AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate and it has an anti-reflective coating with 2H hardness. The monitor has 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs and an additional DisplayPort 1.4 input.

Asus ProArt PQ22UC

The Asus ProArt PQ22UC is a 21.6" 3840x2160 (204 PPI, produced by JOLED) printed OLED monitor that at only 1 Kg is marketed as a "portable" monitor. Features include HDR support, 0.1 ms response time, 10-bit color (99% DCI-P3), USB-C input and micro HDMI.

ASUS ProArt PQ22UC photo

Asus started shipping the ProArt PQ22UC in some countries in Europe in March 2019 for £4,529. The price in the US is expected to be around $5,000.

Sony BVM-E251 / E171

Sony's BVM TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors are aimed towards high-end cinema and broadcast applications. The E171 (17") and E251 (25") are updates to Sony's E250A and E170A monitors introduced in 2013.

Sony BVM-E250 and BVM-E170 photo

The updated monitors add ITU-R BT.2020 color space emulation, include S-Gamut/S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.cine support, S-Log 3 and S-Log2 in SDR and a new a flicker-free mode. The BVM-E251 also adds a 24VDC input in addition to the traditional AC input. The monitors are also thinner and lighter than the previous generation.

Sony PVM-X550

Sony's TriMaster EL PVM-X550 is a 55" professional OLED monitor that features 12-bit signal processing. The PVM-X550 supports HDR through various Electro-Optical Transfer Functions (EOTF), such as S-Log3, SMPTE ST.2084 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. The monitor also supports industry standard color spaces including the wider ITU-R BT.2020 for Ultra High Definition.

Sony PVM-X550 photo

The PVM-X550 was unveiled at NAB-2016. It is not clear if the OLED panel is made by LG Display or by Sony itself (like all other, smaller, Sony OLED monitors).

Sony BVM-X300

Sony's BVM-X300, a 30" 4K (4096x2160) reference monitor is Sony's flagship professional monitor. It features a high dynamic range, wide viewing angles, quick response and high contrast. The BMV-X300 can display 4K, 2K, UHD and HD formats and supports wide color gamut standards.

Sony BVM-X300-photo

The BVM-X300 will ship in February 2015, price is not yet determined.

Sony PVM-A170 / PVM-A250

Sony's PVM-A250 (25") and PVM-A170 (17") are professional OLED monitors. These are lightweight slim editions of the previous models with portable designs (they are about 40% lighter and thinner). Sony redesigned the OLED panels and also achieved 9% (A250) and 14% (A170) reduction in power consumption.

Both monitors will be available in January 2014. The PVM-A170 will cost $4,899 while the PVM-A250 will cost $6,899.

Sony PVM-1741A / PVM-2541A

Sony's PVM series are picture monitors for a wide range of monitoring applications. The new “A” Series are an update to their older PVM series, with a new OLED panel (the same one used in Sony's higher end BVM monitors) that offers a wider viewing angle and a reduced color shift (by half, compared to previous models). The PVM monitors offer Full-HD (1080p) support, 178-degrees viewing angle, 10-bit drivers and a 1W mono speaker. Inputs include two 3G-SDI, HDMI, composite and Ethernet.

Sony's PVM monitors are now shipping. The PVM-1741A costs $3,700 at (the US list price is $4,300).

Sony BVM-E250A / E170A

Sony's “A” Series TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors for high-end cinema and broadcast applications are an update to their older BVM-E series. The A Series use a new panel design that has a wider viewing angle and a reduced color shift (by half, compared to previous models). The monitors support HDMI, DisplayPort, 3G-SDI, SD-SDI and HD-SDI.

The 24.5" BVM-E250A and the 16.5" BVM-E170A will ship by May 2013.